23-24 August 2004
The Karma Kagyu lineage holder, Shamar Rinpoche, made his first ever visit to the dharma center in the northern part of Denmark.

Shamar Rinpoche arrived on Monday 23rd August, and was welcomed with a tea, food and kataks ceremony. In the evening Rinpoche gave a teaching on the 4 Noble Truth's and the practise of meditation. This was followed by refuge, bodhisattva vows, and empowerment to Chenrezig. 

Next morning Rinpoche performed the consecration ceremony of the enligthenment stupa.
Rinpoche started the ceremony in rainy weather, half way through the ceremony it became brigther, and in the end the sun appeard through the clouds.

Finally Shamar Rinpoche wished to perform a Tzog-offering-puja given by the 15th Karmapa, which was a fantastic conclusion of some wonderful days with Shamar Rinpoche in Jutland.

March - August 2004 
The meditation cabin is being constructed near of the stupa. This is done with the help of many buddhist, who made foundation, concrete work, construction and painting the cabin.

December 2003
Around 700 people visited the stupa, during the christmas month. The local community have taken the stupa to their hearts. While the county (Viborg) nominated the stupa, as one of the most important events within local culture.

19th September 2003
Early morning, the statue for the stupa was filled.
At noontime, the lifetree was placed inside the Stupa, while Lama Kalsang performed the feyerpuja, Guru Rinpoche and tsok-puja.
In the evening, as a part of a culture event, around 100 people visited the Stupa.

15-18th September 2003 

Lama Kalsang (student of Rinpoche for 50 years) guided the feyerpuja, the lifetree was painted and mantra's were written on it.

Whereafter a puja for the mantra-roll's were performed, hereby the energy is brought into live and action. The mantra-roll's were placed in small containers around the lifetree.

At the same time, Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche gave empowerment to Channa Dordje (Vatrapani) at Dhagpo Kagyu Ling in France.
19th June 2003  
Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl blessed the stupa.

18th June 2003 
The second treasure chamber was filled.
Whereafter the 13 rings, umbrella, sun, moon and mind was placed on top of the stupa.

Lama Ole Nydahl gave diamondway teachings in the evening.

17th June 2003
During a guided meditation, the first treasure chamber was filled. Secondly the vase with jewels was placed inside the stupa.

10th June 2003 
Lama Löpon Tsechu Rinpoche passed away.

8-16th June 2003 
The great polish graniteworkers assembled the granite onto the stupa.

15-18th May 2003 
Lama Jigme Rinpoche gave a course with teachings and empowerment to the guru-yoga on the 15th Karmapa.

11-15th May 2003 
Lama Kalsang started the days with the feyerpuja, to purify the energies and thereby creating good conditions for working with the stupa.

After this, anyone who liked, received instructions how to handle the mantra-roll's. These were painted with safran-water, dryed and finally rolled together. 

At last the Rinchen Pumba was filled with jewels, and placed in the meditationroom awaiting to be putted down into the Stupa.

10th May 2003  
The forth, and last, layer has been completed.
April 2003  
The third layer has been completed.
15th April 2003  
The second layer has been completed.

13th April 2003  
During a course on the Guru Yoga meditation to the 8th Karmapa, the first
12½ centimeters of the stupa have now been casted

6th of April 2003 
The foundation has now been finished, and there is a silvery shinning base for a stupa.

29th March 2003  
The v
ases were seeld with firnes, and afterwards placed in the 4 corners and middle of the stupa foundation.

28th March 2003  
The statue, thanka and further arrives directly from Rinpoche in Kathmandu.
At the same time, the architekt Wojtek Kossowski arrived with the final drawings for the stupa.

15th of March 2003 
The foundation for the stupa has been completed.

2nd March 2003 
The fire has softened the ground, and the first digging can be made.

1st March 2003  
A second meditation course on the 2. Karmapa, Karma Paksi is held, and 40 friends from Denmark and Germany are producing Tsa-tsa's. In the evening a big fire is lit on the stupa-place and the protectors were invoked.

1st February 2003 
The first Tsa-tsa's are produced, during the the anual meditation course on the 2. Karmapa, Karma Paksi. Rinpoche has given a special meditation practise, which is done while producing the Tsa-tsa's.

10th January 2003 
The first sketches from the arcitect Wojtek Kossowski arrives.

3rd December 2002 
After a meditation camp in the cave of Milarepa in Helambu, Rinpoche points out that it would be most beneficial, if as many as possible from the danish sangha contributes in producing Tsa-tsa's.

The Tsa-tsa's are now produced in Copenhagen, Esbjerg and Vesterboelle.

20th November 2002  
Rinpoche blesses the rice, which shall be used for the Tsa-tsa's.
The 1,5 kilo of rice are brought to Denmark.

29th October 2002 
In the Buddha Dharma Center, Katmandu in Nepal, Rinpoche points out that it is not without problems and obstacles to built a stupa. 
Then Rinpoche empowers, the forms to mould the Tsa-tsa's, and the statue (Buddha Sakyamuni) to the Stupa is ordered. 
Rinpoche decides the day of consecration, to be the 19th June 2003.

22nd August 2002
Before noon, the lifetree was cut down in our own forrest, as per specific instruction from Rinpoche.

29th July 2002 
During the consecration of the stupa of miracles in Kuchary in Poland, Rinpoche filled the vases and gave instructions on how to cut the lifetree.

12th July 2002 
In Kassel during the series of empowerments "Chil She Kun Drol", Rinpoche asked us to buy 5 vases and bring them to Kuchary in Poland together with the corn, incense and other things, that should be filled in them.

28th to 30th June 2002
Hannah Nydahl gave a course with teachings on Way, Goal and Means. 

14th June 2002 
The ground-initiation was made by Lama Kalsang.
13 of June 2002 
Rinpoche phoned from Spain, and asked us to arrange the initiation of the stupa-ground the following day.

16th June 2001
The local authority gave the official permission to construct a stupa and meditation cabin.

16-17th June 2000 
When the 17th Karmapa visited Copenhagen, Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche visited "The Powerful Place" in Jutland. 
Rinpoche pointed out the place for the enlightenment-stupa, which shall be built here. Rinpoche further gave instructions to the first steps in the stupa-project.

August 1972
Claus Hermansen took refuge from the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa in Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim. The 16th Karmapa gave a present, a special statue of the "original Buddha in union", and instructed that this at a certain time should be placed in a stupa. Later the statue was blessed by Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche, and placed inside the stupa at "The Powerful Place".